Patricia “Trish” Mack has been a licensed insurance broker since 1986.

Trish has specialized in employee benefits, health insurance and voluntary benefits.

She has been an independent agent working with employers and individuals to specialize and provide solutions in their personal health and welfare plans.

She has owned her own broker office for 27 years and 18 years in Alaska. She specializes in employee benefits consulting, communications and enrollment.

Over the years Trish has received numerous sales and management awards from major insurance carriers as a corporate manager and independent agent.

Trish is very active in outdoors sports such as kayaking, hiking and camping and also enjoys community service volunteer activities as well as being in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program providing mentorship to her little sisters that she has in the program. She also enjoys being actively involved with her church. Trish has lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 1996.